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Luxury Homes And Staging To Sell – Not Any Home Stager Will Do

Posted Jun 17th, 2020 in Staging Tips, vacant-staging

When selling luxury real estate, not just any home stager will do. Gem Home Staging provides useful luxury home selling tips. Find out what to look for in a home staging professional!

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Luxury Homes And Staging To Sell – Not Any Home Stager Will Do

When selling luxury real estate, not just any home stager will do. Gem Home Staging provides useful luxury home selling tips. Find out what to look for in a home staging professional!

Luxury Homes And Staging To Sell: Finding The Right Home Stager

When it comes to selling a luxury home, there are many dynamics to consider. One of the most important factors in the success of the sale of a luxury home is staging.

Humans are visual beings and in order to grab the attention of potential buyers, your home needs to look the part. A professional, certified home stager can provide luxury home staging services that will market your home to the right audience through tasteful design and quality décor furnishings and pieces.

So how do you choose a luxury home stager that can get your home sold to the right buyer at the right price, within the right time? Here are some of the things that you should consider:

certified 2 stageAre You Sold On Their Qualifications?

Start by assessing the home stager’s qualifications. With the rise in popularity of interior design TV shows and home flipping reality shows, there are many unqualified individuals presenting themselves as professional home stagers. You’ll want to go with a home stager that has staging qualifications as well as credentials and an education in interior decorating is also helpful.

Experience That Will Guarantee A Sale

For how many years has the home stager been staging and assisting home owners and real estate agents to sell luxury homes? Experience is golden in this industry as it gives the home stager time to make useful networking connections, build up their reputation and know the luxury home market. You definitely don’t want to hire a home stager that has only staged one or two homes. Luxury home staging is an art that takes time to develop.

staging photos attract buyersMarketing/ Photographs That Give That Great First Impression

While most serious buyers will go see the luxury home in person, it is the photographs and marketing that captures their attention first and draws them in. What does the home stager’s website and social media photos look like? Are they high-res, professional and captivating?

Success Statistics Which Mean Future Sales

Have a good, hard look at the home stager’s statistics? How quickly have their previously staged homes sold? Have they sold homes at your price point before? Have they received any accolades or awards for their staging and luxury home selling successes? A home that has not been staged well can deflect and discourage potential buyers, causing the home to linger on the market for longer than necessary. The staged décor of a home should always be inviting and not deterring.

Access to Interior Furnishings and Décor Pieces

Home staging often requires the entire home to be refurnished while it is on the real estate market, to present a certain look and lifestyle to the target audience. The quality and taste-level of furniture used should accurately reflect the asking price of the home. So, does your home stager have these fine pieces? It is recommended that you choose a home stager that has easy access to a wide variety of quality furniture and décor pieces. At Gem Home Staging, we have our own warehouse that hosts hundreds of head-turning décor and furniture pieces, which we use in our home staging projects.

luxury decor when stagingCheck Out Their Luxury Homes

To get a true feel of the home stager’s talent for what they do, be sure to check out some of their current staged properties in your area. Things you should look for include:

  • Is the home free of clutter?
  • Is the home staged to present a lifestyle?
  • Is the design cohesive throughout?
  • Did the photographs entice you to want to see the home?

Visiting the staged homes of a few home stagers should help you make an informed decision, and give you a sense of confidence in your choice and a vision to what they’ll do to your property when it comes time to sell. 

Aesthetic Appeal And Practicality

While you may not be an interior decorator yourself, it is easy to tell good from bad. By looking at the stager’s previous work, do they have a genuine design flair that makes the space they’ve staged aesthetically appealing? Their staging should also have a practical element to it. Potential buyers are wanting to live in these spaces after all, so the space should sell a lifestyle and not just a pretty façade.

Looking for a professional, luxury home stager that has ample understanding in the process of selling luxury real estate. Lynn MacMillan has had years of luxury home staging experience as a Certified Staging Professional® (CSP®), in Niagara, Stoney Creek, Burlington, Oakville, Niagara-on-the-Lake, and Milton. Contact Gem Home Staging today to make use of her professional staging services.

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