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Oh What An Entrance

Posted May 6th, 2020 in Staging Tips

Making a statement when potential buyers first enter your home is critical. Buyers make a decision within seconds of entering your home. Make that first impression count!

front entrances must make a statement when selling

Your entry sets the tone for your entire home!

Making a statement when potential buyers first enter your home is critical. Buyers make a decision within seconds of entering your home. You want that first impression to count! 

It all begins with staging your entry with intention and effort. Make this space warm & welcoming to everyone who enters.

Add elements to help create both lifestyle and function. 

Here are a few elements to consider.

  • Welcome Mat
  • Console Table
  • Key Hooks
  • Large Mirror
  • Bench or Chair
  • Coat Rack

Most importantly you only have one chance to make a good first impression. As we mentioned, make it count!

It’s important that buyers feel a connection, appeal to their visual senses.  Create a lifestyle they want to be part of.

Welcome Mat

Placing a “Welcome” mat at the front door is an inviting way to come on in, we are happy you are here!

Console Table

Beautiful accessorized console tables not only add interest but function too.  Accessories should be added, consider a floral arrangement, vase, a dish to place your keys when they arrive home.


Having somewhere to sit in the entry is always a good thing.  Especially if the target demographic client is geared for the senior population.  Having a place to sit while taking off or putting on their footwear is always appealing.  If you don’t have space for both a console and bench, consider a console table without a lower shelf so you can slide a small bench under it.


Everyone always like that look see before leaving the house, hanging a decorative mirror will do the trick.  Hang it above the console table and bench.  Do you see how we are building a small vignette?

Coat Rack

Some properties don’t have a front closet so adding a coat rack is a must.  A coat rack with a bench is a perfect solution.

Don’t forget that buyers look in your closets and the front entry closet is no exception.  Keep this space organized.  Reduce the number of coats, pack them away it will make the closet more spacious.  The number one thing buyers want is great storage space. Add baskets to place items such as mittens, hats, scarves etc. it is more visually pleasing to look at.

Lastly think about the entry’s flooring.  Always store footwear in the closet keeping the foyer clear of clutter.  If there are tile floors, steam clean the grout, if wood consider a carpet or a runner leading the buyer into the next space.

These are small but effective tips that will help in making a great first impression.

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