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Let There Be Light

Posted Mar 7th, 2018 in General, Staging Tips

Lighting is the key to truly showcasing your interior decor and staging your home. 

types of lighting

As an interior decorator and home stager, one of the most important elements in any of my designs is lighting. Given the importance of lighting, it started me thinking about the invention of the lightbulb and its evolution. I wonder what Thomas Edison would think about the LED technology?

More than 150 years ago, the incandescent light bulb was invented. It transformed the way people lived their lives at home and in business. The modern incandescents haven’t changed that much since their inception. A consistent fault of the bulb is that it consumes more energy than the other bulbs, such as halogen, fluorescent and light emitting diode (LED). Their low price point is what still attracts today’s buyers.

LED bulbs are fast becoming the bulb of choice. They offer the highest luminous efficacy and lifespan, 20 times longer than other lighting options. “Smart lighting” systems help homeowners reduce energy consumption and add an extra measure of convenience. Harnessing heat and motion sensors, these lighting systems can decide when illumination is required, based on room occupancy. A number of smart LEDs include wireless communications such as Wi-Fi, allowing consumers to adjust lighting remotely. As the systems are more widely adopted, they will play a big role in smart home and eco-spaces.

As did Thomas Edison’s invention of the incandescent light bulb, LED advancements promise to revolutionize the way today’s world lives and works.

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