Shortly after we officially launched Gem Home Staging & Designs recently, we realized we were quickly running out of space for our growing business.

We had several client commitments and projects to push out on tight deadlines, but it was difficult to stay organized, productive and efficient in our existing facilities. Because we were using four smaller storage locations, we ran into challenges every time we needed to load and unload large moving trucks for our many home staging jobs.

Completing each job to the highest quality in the most time efficient manner, required complex and strategic logistical planning. We would pick up sofas and beds from one location, and drive to the next location for tables and chairs. Finally, we’d gather art, bedding, lamps, accessories, carpets and other items from two more locations. After our staged homes sold, we’d retrieve our furnishings and inventory all over again in reverse. As you might imagine, you have to be highly organized to perform this kind of juggling act, but we pulled it off without a hitch every time.

As life began to move faster and faster, we decided it was the right time to start the hunt for a new home. More space was the ultimate solution, and we found a perfect, centrally located office and warehouse location on Great Western St. Catharines, off of St. Paul Street right beside the Via Rail Station.


We with many helping hands, we gradually moved our inventory over a few weeks. While all this was going, we kept the business open and took care of our customer commitments. From our clients’ perspective, it was seamless – they weren’t affected by the move.  

Bit by bit, it is all coming together nicely, but it’s not done yet. It’s an ongoing process and it’s far from picture-perfect, but in the long term, it will be far better than running between four locations to load and unload trucks.


Now, we have space to grow. In our new home, we’ll host meetings, professional seminars and training sessions where we’ll share our expertise with our business partners, homeowners etc.  Gem Home Staging is growing quickly and we recognized and addressed the need to pull everything together in one place if we’re going to achieve our dreams for the company. We’ve implemented a strategic business and marketing plan to help us chart our path, and we’re excited to provide you with the highest quality of home staging services across Niagara and beyond.

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